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  • Ad-blocking software use on the increase, The Australian, February 2017
  • Irish internet users rush to embrace ad blockers, The Irish Times, February 2017
  • (Spanish) El uso de software antipublicidad creció un 30% en 2016, Periodismo, February 2017
  • (Chinese) Ad-blocker 網民續鬥法 研究:用戶參與一團和氣 E-zone, February 2017
  • (Dutch) Adblockers maken mee de switch van desktop naar mobiel, Knack, March 2017
  • European Commission proposal will kill third-party cookies, Mediatel, January 2017
  • New EU Data Regulations Will ‘Rip Global Digital Ecosystem Apart’, AdAge, December 2016
  • This company has a compelling argument why mobile carriers may never be able to roll out ad blocking in Europe, Business Insider, December 2016
  • Why Twitch Is Joining Facebook In Blocking Ad Blockers, Motherboard, December 2016
  • New EU data law could hurt marketers but help publishers, Irish Independent, December 2016
  • Europe’s new privacy rules are about shake adland to its core, Mediatel, November 2016
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  • Industry Tries to Figure Out Whether China Just Banned Ad-Blocking, AdAge, July 2016
  • Mobile ad blocking is still relatively uncommon in the U.S., Engadget, July 2016
  • My Loose Theory of Too Much Information: Value of Trust Goes Up, Huffington Post, July 2016
  • (Indonesian) Orang Indonesia Getol Pasang “Adblocker” di Smartphone, Kompas, July 2016
  • (Spanish) La publicidad va a dejar de financiar al periodismo, Media-Tics, July 2016
  • This week Click looks at ad blockers. As the number of people installing them increases, publishers are hitting back by using ad blocker blockers but where will it all end up? BBC News, June 2016
  • “Premium publishers, trust, and ad blocking”, Digital Content Next, July 2016
  • Mobile Ad Blocking on a Steep Ascent Globally, eMarketer, June 2016
  • (Indonesian) 38 juta pengguna gawai di Indonesia benci iklan, Beritagar, June 2016
  • In the Parallel War of Ad Blockers, Privacy Is Lost, Voice Of America, June 2016
  • “Seven steps you can take to manage the risk of ad blocking”, Digital Content Next, June 2016
  • Here are seven possible ways for publishers to deal with adblockers, NiemenLab, May 2016
  • Can publishers ‘good-ad’ their way out of the ad-blocking phenomenon?,, May 2016
  • Three announces network level ad-blocking trial, Mobile Marketing Magazine, May 2016
  • Asia is leading the adoption of mobile adblocking; North America is dodging the bullet (for now, at least), NiemenLab, May 2016
  • (German) Vodafone denies advertising block plans, Heise, April 2016
  • As Technology Defeats Ad Blocking, Online Ads Must Improve, AdAge, March 2016
  • Financial Times plots website overhaul to uphold the user experience, The Drum, March 2016
  • (German) Nächster Angriff auf Systemebene, HorizonT, March 2016
  • Financial Times plots website overhaul to uphold the user experience, The Drum, March 2016
  • Ad blockers: how online publishing is fighting back, BBC News, February 2016
  • Things Affiliate & Ad-Dependent Publishers Must Consider In The Age Of Mobile, Marketing Land, February 2016
  • (German) “Adblock Action Day” der Verleger: “Adblocking ist wie der Klimawandel”, Heise, February 2016
  • Apple ousts in-app ad blocker from the App Store raising questions over its data-sharing plans, The Drum, January 2016
  • “Is ad blocking good for the consumer?”, WARC, December 2015
  • Advert-Blocking ‘War’: Whose Side Are You On?, Sky News, October 2015
  • Ad Block Apocalypse? Here’s How to Save the Web, Toms Guide, September 2015
  • The Drum Dmexco Highlights: Dr Johnny Ryan, head of ecosystem, PageFair, The Drum September 2015
  • Ad-blocking software threatens growing, critical realm of digital ads, The Globe and Mail, October 2015
  • Ad blocking has grown 41% in the past year and it’s costing publishers tens of billions of dollars, Business Insider, August 2015

Sky News, November 2015

Sky News, October 2015

Huffington Post, October 2015

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