Dr Johnny Ryan, Chief Innovation Officer of The Irish Times, speaks at the World Association of Newspaper Editors in Bangkok, 2014
Dr Johnny Ryan, Chief Innovation Officer of The Irish Times, speaks at the World Association of Newspaper Editors in Bangkok, 2014

Dr Johnny Ryan speaks at international fora and industry events from the United Nations in New York to Google’s Europlex in his native Dublin. He is an author and thought leader and his writing on strategy, startups, media, marketing, and disruptive technology has appeared in Fortune, BusinessWeek, The Huffington Post, and Ars Technica.  To book Johnny Ryan as a keynote speaker contact his agents at the London Speakers’ Bureau

  • How Design Thinking can save your organisation money and time
  • Innovation from the C-suite’s perspective
  • Working with startups: how established organisations can derive value from disruptors
  • Design Thinking workshop
  • Understanding the digital present
  • The Hinge Of History: trends of digital change across business, politics, and culture

Speaking in Oslo in 2011image: Johnny Ryan speaking at the annual PR association conference in Oslo, Norway (image: @ingeborgv)

A section of recent appearances:

  • Masterclass: Design Thinking for decision makers, December 2014
  • Chair/Moderator: The Library Stage, The Web Summit, Dublin, November 2014
  • Speaker: Dublin Chamber of Commerce innovation breakfast, May 2014
  • Speaker: Global Editors Network, Paris, June 2013
  • Speaker: Digital Media Europe, London, April 2013
  • Speaker: Intel Innovation 2.0 Conference, Dublin, June 2013
  • Chair/Moderator/Curator: The Library Stage, Dublin Web Summit, October 2013
  • Speaker: 65th World Newspaper Congress,  Bangkok, 2013
  • Speaker: “Centrifugal Thinking for the public sector”, Garter CIOs dinner, Belfast (TBC)
  • Speaker/Moderator: The Irish Times Innovation Roadshow, October 2012
  • Speaker/Moderator: The Irish Times Digital Challenge Grand Finale, September 2012
  • Speaker: LiftOff, LaunchPad startup incubator pitch day, Dublin, July 2012
  • Speaker/Moderator: Mobile Monday, Belfast, August 2012
  • Moderator of several panels, F.ounders and The Dublin Web Summit, Dublin, October 2011
  • Speaker: “The future of news”, The Irish Times annual think-in, Dublin, October 2011
  • Speaker: “Centrifugal Thinking for the public relations industry – PR for a world of plastic information”, Kommunikasjonsforeningen, Oslo, October 2011 [watch video]
  • Startup Pitch for Owjo. The Great Escape music industry panel (Danny Mac, Music Mind Exchange; Doug Richard, BBC Dragon; Scott Cohen of The Orchard, NY; Steve Milbourne, Creative Director, Sony Music), Brighton, May 2011.
  • Speaker: “Think Centrifugal: the perils of gunboat diplomacy on the new high seas of the Internet”, NATO and Cyber Security: Building on the Strategic Concept, Chatham House, London, 20 May 2011
  • Speaker: “The digital era and the changing rules of commerce”, AIB Merchant Services Payments Conference, London, 18 May 2011
  • Panel speaker: “Opensource: Open this Open that! Whats it all about?”, Mindfield International Festival of Ideas, 29 April 2011
  • Speaker: “Extruded media, social remix, and objects 2.0”, Publicis QMP, 25 January 2011
  • Speaker: “The conditions of the digital future and the need for legal reform”, Promoting Innovation – reshaping the law for the digital economy conference at Google EU HQ, 19 November 2010 [watch video]

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