Interview with internet pioneer Steve Crocker

I interviewed Steve Crocker, Chairman of ICANN and author of RFC1.

This interview was published on on 18 July 2013.

In a bathroom, at three in the morning in April 1969, a graduate student named Steve Crocker started to write one of the most important documents of the last century. Though drafted in humble circumstances Crocker’s document would set the open, inclusive tone of the next half century of Internet engineering culture, and initiate the process of defining the rules that govern virtually all data exchange on the planet. Read More


An experiment in startups working with news media companies: looking back at The Irish Times Digital Challenge

(This post also appeared in The Irish Times on 4 October 2012.)

LAST FRIDAY, at The Workman’s Club on Wellington Quay in Dublin, an Irish technology start-up company called GetBulb was announced as the overall winner of The Irish Times Digital Challenge.

GetBulb has produced a system that can rapidly create data visualisations suitable for both high-resolution print and for online interactive graphics in seconds. This start-up could, quite literally, change how media organisations across the globe approach design. Read More

5 rules: the smallest element of participation is now the individual node.

Video of a talk I gave in Oslo at the Norwegian Annual Communications/PR Forum “5 rules for PR in the digital era”.

Read more "5 rules: the smallest element of participation is now the individual node."


I just published the first chapter of my book for free via Ars Technica. Full text over at Ars Johnny Ryan’s A History of the Internet and the Digital Future has just been released and is already drawing rave reviews. Ars Technica is proud to present three chapters from the book, condensed and adapted for […]